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29 June 2009 @ 03:36 pm
Wow, a BtR community  
Hi, I've been a fan of BtR since I played it on my uncle's C64 one summer when I was 12 (am 34 now). I beat the game on my own, no manual or map (I made my own map on graph paper eventually), and later hunted down the books. I am currently re-reading the books and playing the game on an emulator. ;) I found this comm when I Googled for a map of Green-sky, as I am on a different computer than normal (laptop's in the shop) and so don't have my map file. The game is my second favorite computer or video game of all time (the first is Adventure for the Atari 2600). It occurs to me as an amature costume-maker I have made a grievous error by never once making a shuba! Lol what's wrong with me?

Whose everyone's favorite game character to play? I almost always pick Herd. I used to play the game so often I've dreamed about it, in 3-d even. I had the map memorised so I was dreaming the actual game in 3-d. It was awesome. :D

Allronix1allronix1 on August 2nd, 2009 01:40 pm (UTC)
In terms of speed record, Pomma wins. Since she starts out on Sky Grund, and can pense animals already, I can boost her up fast with the three animals (four with a quick glide to Temple). She gets the Elixir on the way up and gains Heal from the Sky-Nid.

Glide over to the Garden for Grunspreke from the Wise Child, hit the lampan on the way down for kiniport tools. Get captured by the Nekom at the base of Broad for rapid transit and a Wand of Befal. Cut yourself free, cross over to Grand (hitting the Saltite on the way for a shortcut and another Elixir). Get Kiniport Body from the Hermit. Back to Temple, and Kiniport past the gate. Get D'ol Falla's permission to swipe the keys, grab the vine rope, temple key, and elixir #3. Glide down, grab key, take the Nekom bus back to Star and let yourself in. Grab the lamp, say "Hi, Mom" to Hearba for a boost, then back down to bribe the guard with some Berries, enter the Root, and save your big bro!

Actually, I'd love to find a way to hack the source code of that thing and mod it to include Teera! Yes, she's liable to unbalance the game at a 10 Spirit and 15 Stamina, but it would just fit.