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21 August 2008 @ 03:59 pm
Hi folks,

I joined livejournal just to see what other people who like Below the Root have to say. I somehow ended up playing the game on a C64 emulator, probably intrigued by screenshots or so. Something about it keeps me going back, it's oddly relaxing and a little trippy :-)

I haven't read the books. I wonder what I'd think of them. A nice aspect of the game is that it's fairly minimal, so it leaves a lot to your own imagination. You create part of the atmosphere yourself.

frost_knight, how's your pc implementation coming along? Sounds great. Might make the game more accessible. Could there be something like the 'scale' graphics filter in the CCS64 emulator? It looks good, but slows everything down.

Am I reading you correctly that you program would allow for user-made content? That'd be neat. I've wondered about how BtR could be expanded on modern systems. And I don't mean (many) graphical changes. I mean user-made worlds, and more interactive and dynamic worlds (buzzing insects, swaying leaves, active and purposeful characters). You know, even some sort of moderate multiplayer type thing where you can all have a nid-place and fly about and zone out on wissenberries. I like the style of this game so much that I can see myself contributing to any of that.

All the best, over and out.
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