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07 April 2008 @ 09:01 pm
C64 emulation BTR problems  
Recently I got intensely back into playing Below the Root, with characters I don't usually play such as Genaa.

Something peculiar is happening, and it's happening with all three of my copies of the game and all three of the emulators I use (FrodoPC, Vice, and CCS64). As far as I can tell it's happening with every character.

To put it as briefly as possible, it's almost impossible to get into Grandgrund without being thrown clear out of the program and back to the "READY" blue screen. I have tried climbing up from ground level, but get up to about the third platform and the program freezes on me.

(Only Vice lets you save games -- FrodoPC and CCS64 appear to let you save, but when you reload, it's gibberish.)

Does anyone have a solution for this, other than wait for frost_knight and Dr. Snyder to finish work on and review of the clone edition?
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