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13 March 2008 @ 01:07 pm
Re-Creating the Game, Below the Root  
Zilpha Snyder has granted me permission to reprogram Below the Root to run on modern PC's without emulation.  It will be an almost completely faithful clone of the original:  same graphics, same sound, same gameplay.  Changes will be minor technical things, like allowing the player to choose which keys they want to use on the keyboard, piping sound through the soundcard instead of the PC speaker, resizeable fonts so the game can be run in a window or fullscreen, things like that.

I have promised her that I will accept no money for the game, that the content of the game will not be modifiable, and that she has final review before it's released to the world.

So, the plan is to keep the new 2D game engine entirely separate from the content.  The engine will be released as Free Software, but the content will be a closed data file.   It should be able to run on any machine with a C compiler and perhaps some mobile devices (I'll have to think about that).

If I build the engine well enough then it should be able to run Alice in Wonderland as well (another game by the same team).  Come to think of it, if I create a standard data API then it could be made to work with any 2D game that's laid out as static screens (Impossible Mission, Frankie, Dark Castle, Solomon's Key, etc).

I've got myself some 2D engine desiging to do.  :)
The Nonesuch Explorers: cliphomeksol1460 on March 13th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
Our thanks to her! And to you!